See You in September

Well, now that September’s almost through, it’s probably about time I post a few summer vacation pics, right?

Let me start off by saying this vacation was sorely needed — but perhaps a bit poorly timed. S.M. and I made our big move from Brooklyn to Jersey City the Sunday before Labor Day, and then the very next day, we said goodbye to the kitties, grabbed our suitcases, and took the train out to Newark, where we picked up a rental car and drove all the say down to Outer Banks to meet up with my family for a week’s vacation. Let’s just say we were both a little tired at the end of that eight-hour drive.

Luckily, the part of the Outer Banks where we stayed — a little beach community called Salvo — was pretty secluded. So we got plenty of peace and quiet as we read in our beach chairs, splashed in the waves, and walked along the sand looking for ghost crabs. We ate some delicious seafood my brother Rob cooked … lobster, crab legs, squid, baby octopus, mussels … and drank some equally yummy white sangria and pina coladas.

The beach house where we stayed had a pool, a hot tub, a pool table, and about a million rooms, including a lookout tower with windows on all sides and an ocean view. This was a great spot to pose for cheesy selfies with the cowl I finished while I was down there.

For anyone interested in the knitterly details, it’s the Err-Nerr Cowl pattern by Brooke Emrich, available as a free download(!) on Ravelry. (For those not of the fibery persuasion, this is a social network for knitters and crocheters to share projects, patterns, and yarn info.) I’m surprised more people haven’t knit this pattern so far. The mesh stitch pattern is beautiful and shows off the variegation in the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn so well.

By the way, also loooooove this yarn. It’s a soft, fuzzy 80% merino-20% nylon blend, and it comes in a bajillion gorgeous colorways. Plus it’s super affordable. I’ve used the Chunky Mochi as well, and also found it lovely. Can’t wait to get some in the Blueberry Pancakes colorway and knit up something else for myself — since we all know how much I love those for breakfast. 😉

Anyway, so back to the vacation! Our last night was one of my favorites. Rob built a bonfire on the beach, despite a little interference from some gusty winds, and we roasted marshmallows for s’mores. OK, so I was the only one actually willing to eat an entire s’more, because what with the winds, they ended up a bit sandy. But hey, I am committed to my summery treats.

I hope everyone had great summers and are as ready for fall as I am. Since returning to the Northeast after six years in north-central Florida — which has approximately two seasons: summer from March to November and almost-winter from December to February — I’ve really come to appreciate some autumnal foliage.


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