Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?


I recently found out S.M. has never seen this movie. Isn’t that terrible? So I guess he just won’t get the title of this post.

But the buttons I’m talking about are these ones:

Buttons 2

I haven’t found a project yet for the anchor buttons, but I’m going to be using the silver-colored ones to transform the lace scarf I showed in the previous post into a two-tone cowl. If it turns out well, I may knit some more to sell in my Etsy shop, which — fanfare, please — I’m planning to launch in January!

To stretch the theme a little further, here’s a dress I recently finished. The pattern called for a bow at the collar, but I way prefer these little, cream-colored buttons.

Colette Pastille dress 24

The pattern is the Pastille Dress from The Colette Sewing Handbook, which I’ve found to be a tremendous resource as I’ve learned my way around the sewing machine … and the fabric shears, rotary cutter, tailor’s chalk, fusible interfacing and hundred and one other things you need to know about to put a garment together.

So those are some of the more fun things that have been going on in my life lately. Less fun: apartment hunting. But we’ve finally found a place, and S.M. and I will be moving to Jersey City on Sept. 1! I’m excited to get out of the city. We’d been hoping to flee to the Hudson Valley, but anyplace affordable is just too long a commute. Jersey City will be a nice compromise. It’s a little quieter and seems to be more bikeable, so hopefully I’ll be able to get Descartes back into shape — and myself too. It’s been awhile! (Descartes is my red 1970s Schwinn, so named because he carts my butt around. He’s a little rusty, and his back wheel is out of whack, so I need to get us to a bike shop.)


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