Fourth of July Weekend

Both my mom and I got unexpected five-day weekends, and I spent mine lounging around her house in western Pa., eating a ridiculous amount of food … pulled pork sandwiches, brown-rice-and-veggie salad, carrot cake, lemon cake, Krispy Kreme donuts (you can only get them at Penn Station in the city, so I grab them when I can!), toffee cookies, roasted asparagus, pesto pizza, cherry cheesecake … It was pretty amazing! I’m always more on the “flex” end of flexitarianism when I visit home, but that’s what vacation’s for, in my book. I could do the whole strict veg thing when I was in high school, but I’m not the ascetic I was then. I’ve realized that I won’t last two days if I don’t allow myself occasional indulgences.

I flew in on the Fourth, and we fired up my mom’s new backyard fire pit that night for some roasted s’mores. I got some pretty epic shots of my brother, the self-proclaimed Fire King.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And by epic, I mostly mean grainy — but shhhh.

We also visited my grandmother for her 79th birthday, and it was wonderful to see her. The sun was blazing, so after my brother and I took a walk through the vineyard, we went down to Lake Erie to cool off in the breeze. It was the first time I’d been down by the water in years.  I wish I’d remembered to take some photos of the grapes, since I’m never up at the farm when they’re on the vine, but I was too busy fending off heat stroke. I’m going to try to make the midyear visit a more regular thing, though, so maybe next summer.

Lake Erie 2

I also finished my cap-sleeved lattice top during the ride up, at the price of some minor carsickness. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Cap Sleeve Lattice Shirt 4

Apologies for the bad pic — I threw the shirt on real quick for my brother to photograph it with my phone, and the neck’s all crooked. I’ll take a better one later.

The knitting was a little tense toward the end, as I had just enough of the sage-colored yarn to finish. But finish I did, and I had quite a bit of the undyed white yarn left over, so I started a lace scarf.

Flying Home scarf 2

And I’ve got more yarn coming in the mail tomorrow. Next up: a garnet-colored sweater vest for S.M. in a worsted-weight wool. I’m really excited about these skeins.  They’re hand-spun and kettle-dyed through a cooperative called Manos del Uruguay that brings economic opportunities to rural women throughout the Uruguay countryside. It’s nice to buy something beautiful that also supports fair trade and helps women in developing countries make a living outside sweatshops.


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